The Solution

To gain an old school feel we went back to basics and developed old school marketing material. Posters, catalogues, swag and other print pieces were developed along with digital marketing channels. A rugged feel and color scheme was blended with modern font families and design. The marriage of old and new gave OD:30 just what they needed – a fresh, yet established, identity.

We have worked with Shawn and Loud Crowd for years. When developing a vision for our brand, Shawn was the first person contacted and he was instrumental in brining the vision of OD:30 to life. He has a knack for executing a concept at a very high level and can do so across multiple mediums. This ability to bridge a consistent theme across the entire branding story was critical to the selection of Loud Crowd as a resource. From logo design, website design, catalog design and layout, and more, his fingerprints are all over our brand. Shawn provides excellent service, communication and value, and has been a trusted ally in the OD:30 journey.

Mark Etzbach, President

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