We always tell our clients, and potential clients, to work with who they are comfortable with. If working with a studio who strives to design and develop a top-notch website makes you feel warm and fuzzy then we are clearly a match. At Loud Crowd, we’re nerds. Design nerds. Developer nerds. We’re always looking, researching, learning, and wanting to make a new and better product. We hope to work with clients who are as passionate about their businesses, and what they do, as we are about ours.

Custom Design

Proper design starts with what you want your website to do down the road, and not necessarily now. We’ll work with you to develop a user-focused solution that looks and feels current now… and down the road. Our custom websites engage users and are always the fruit of collaboration. Collaboration between design, client and developer.


Leveraging the WordPress platform, Loud Crowd takes pride in building sites that meet and exceed all web and accessibility standards. Using the latest in scripting languages, Loud Crowd builds each custom design tailored to the clients’ needs. We build our sites to allow our clients to manage the content they desire to manage, and we remove the unnecessary clutter many out of the box Content Management Systems (CMS) leave behind. The result is a streamlined solution that allows our clients to effectively manage the system we’ve built for them.

Hosting & Security

In an effort to create a more wholistic approach, Loud Crowd also provides a robust, and secure, hosting environment. Our servers are tailor made for WordPress websites and offer the greatest amount of speed, reliability and security in the hosting world. Rest assured, our sites are hosted in a space that was made specifically for them. Standard features include HTTPS hosting, constantly updated PHP and regularly monitored third-party updates. Oh, our servers also boast some of the lowest “down” times on the internet. Wholistic indeed.

Solutions we’ve developed:

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Shawn at Loud Crowd Studios for over a decade. His professionalism and timeliness are always appreciated. Each time we engage him, or recommend his services to others, we are reminded of his ability to be far more creative than other designers. We would highly recommend his studio for any project, large or small.

John Barker
Delphi Global Technology
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