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Whether you are in the market for on-premise servers, desktops, networks or VoIP, we can assist you with the purchase, installation and maintenance moving forward. To insure that your business’s continuity and productivity aren’t limited to your physical office space, we also implement several cloud computing solutions, including Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps, as well as various remote desktop and VPN products.

Delphi services clients in several industries including retail, medical, financial, real estate, development, religious and non-profit, distribution, law, restoration, education, government and more. From simple backups to heavy compliance needs, we have the experience on which your company can depend.

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I was experiencing problems with my PC. It would not power down correctly and, in order to power down, I had to manually unplug the computer. This, in turn, created problems when starting up the computer. I decided to bring my PC to Delphi and, within a couple of minutes, it was up and running correctly. They even installed some extra virus scan software on my computer for me. Not being overly computer savvy, I appreciated them explaining things to me clearly so that this problem wouldn’t happen again in the future. I would highly recommend Delphi!


After 43 years of working for the US Govt, where all my work computer needs were taken care of by others, I retired and was now on my own for my home computer. Over the years I have used two other local “computer experts” for my home computer and was not happy with the price or end results. So my contact with Delphi was another “take a chance” effort in looking for someone who could take my miss-matched and dated computer equipment and make it the center of my Man Cave Office. I hit the Jackpot with Toby and John of Delphi. These are very smart computer folks who know how to treat and deal with someone of age who does not really understand the world of computer systems. They took my old stuff, gave it computer CPR, and set up two systems in my home that do just what I and the wife wanted from a home computer system. All the other reviews talk about the great service and I will double-down on that. Lastly, and important to those of us who are retired or looking for value, their pricing was very fair and better than the other two services I have used in this area. Delphi is my go to company for home computer support from this point on as when you have found the best their is no need to look further.

Tom of Lake Arrowhead

Delphi is an exceptional IT company that is dedicated to solving problems and finding solutions for our growing multi-location organization. John and Toby bring to the table a level of customer service and know-how that is unmatched. You will not find a better group to work with that will meet you at your level of IT needs and help educate you and your staff. They go beyond the basic trouble shooting that you would expect from any IT outfit, and they proactively seek solutions that will fit your specific needs. I would highly recommend Dephi to any small to medium sized business that wants to ensure their IT environment is up to speed!


I run a small office and studio. The times I’ve called on Delphi for support they’ve been quick to respond and resolve my issues, helping me minimize my down time.


I have been using Delphi for a while and I honestly can say that they have put my mind at ease when my computer decides to stop working. Delphi is a wonderful company with experienced personnel willing and eager to help, no matter what the problem is. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a dependable, knowledgeable and professional technology service company.


In a company as large and geographically dispersed as ours, I can’t imagine not having Delphi. As well as having sensitive data that is subject to banking regulations, we’re located across the country and have systems where mutli-office functionality and accessibility are paramount. For the better part of the last decade, I’ve been able to grow, operate and modernize and have everything “just work.” That’s because of Delphi.

Darrell Moore
Chief Financial Officer, Column Financial

My husband and I recently moved to Canton and were in need of service for our computer , we called Delphi Global Technology , and were very impressed with the service, and with Toby, who helped us tremendously. We will definitely recommend them to others.


John and Toby, Listen guys, I just had to stop and drop a note to thank you for the support. When I came in at 4:50 AM yesterday morning for a scheduled shutdown, I never dreamed that powering everything back up would have turned into a close disaster. If not for you, this issue could have lasted much longer than it did. Thank you for your excellence in troubleshooting this situation over the phone and for the willingness to travel to assist onsite. Again, your support and professionalism was most appreciated!

Jason Gragg
IT Manager, Essential Ingredients

I was experiencing problems with my computer. I looked in the phonebook and called a company. They came out two times and never got my computer running properly. It started freezing up again. So I called another person that was recommended to me. He came out three different times and he could not get my computer repaired. At that time, I thought I might just need a new computer…….but something inside of me told me that my computer could be repaired. It just wasn’t that old. A few days later, I picked up a local magazine and read an article that John Barker wrote about computer viruses. The best thing I have did lately was give his company Delphi a call. They came out, picked up my computer and brought it back to me running perfect……..faster than ever. My 12 year old grandson even commented on how fast it was, now. I am very pleased with the quality of work they provided. I would highly recommend Delphi. Thanks again.


My laptop’s hard drive had frozen and all my documents were lost and the IT guy at work was unable to get it working. I took the laptop to Delphi Global Technology. They were able to retrieve all my documents and at a reasonable price. We then were having trouble getting a third computer to respond to the wireless network. Delphi came to my house and was able to solve the problem in a very short time and again at a very reasonable price. The people at Delphi are very friendly and polite and I felt very secure in letting them into my home. I would definitely use them again and will highly recommend them to my friends.


I thought i had lost 5 years of data on my laptop when a big box retailer told me they would have to send my hard drive to the “lab” and it would be 2 weeks and $400-$1500 to recover my data. Delphi recovered my data and stored it on my Passport for under a hundred bucks in one day! I would highly recommend them!


Wonder online repair experience – I was experiencing a variety of issues on two of my personal computers and thought I could wait it out. Then it was a week before a trip where I would be taking my laptop, when things became worse. I wasn’t sure I could even use the laptop. During a conversation with my sister from Georgia, she suggested I contact Delphi. She had previously had a good experience with them. I wasn’t sure what they could do for me, as you see, I am located in Chicago. Toby Flowers from Delphi responded to my call for help and set up an online appointment at a convenient time for me. While Toby was listening to my situation, I clicked the link he sent (which allowed him to access my computer), it was quick and easy to use. Before long, he was analyzing the situation on my laptop and resolving the issues; we then moved over to my desktop. He offered a suggestion for virus software and even installed it and set up the appropriate options. I hope that I won’t have to use them again, but computers are computers and I wouldn’t hesitate to contact them. Thanks!!


Excellent customer service! – Our small business was experiencing various problems with network connections, printer issues, and viruses, and our local “tech guy” was slow to respond to our issues, often wanting to take our computers off-site to work on them, sometimes for days. Through a friend, we learned that John at Delphi could help us – and he did! John was quickly able to connect to our computers remotely, then he worked his magic. Within a short time he had everything working, including things we didn’t even realize were set up incorrectly, all from 700 miles away (we are in Ohio). We will never use the local computer service again when fast, fantastic, affordable help is just a click away. We highly recommend Delphi.


Fixed my laptop! – I need my laptop to work from home, and must log-in to a remote server. I was having trouble connecting, and then once I was connected the laptop ran very slowly. One quick call to John and a few minutes later he was navigating around my laptop, fixing all kinds of things from 3 states away. This didn’t require that I even leave my house! If you cannot be without your laptop for a couple of days, or don’t have time to travel to the repair shop, or simply can’t stand the hassle of dealing with using a loaner laptop, etc., then Delphi is what you need – fast, friendly, fair-priced service that fixes your computer problems and it doesn’t matter where you live, since they can service you from a remote connection. This business is way ahead of their competition.

Ryan H

Advanced, Professional, Knowledgeable Computer Co. – As an owner and operator of a private chiropractic office for over 18 years in Alpharetta, Georgia, Delphi Global Technology has been a valuable service to my business. When computer problems have arisen over the years, including everything from viruses, internet issues, software and hardware problems, John Barker and his staff have been outstanding in their advanced technical abilities to address and correct the problems in a timely and efficient manner. I would highly recommend Delphi Global Technology for your computer needs, whether on an as needed bases or ongoing technical services.

Timothy Casey DC

Best IT Company for Individuals, Too! – I have used Delphi services twice now, once to set up an off-site document retrieval system and once to create a program I needed for show-and-tell at a meeting. In both cases John and Toby were outstanding in their assistance. Both immediately understood that I have virtually no comprehension of the electronic world, being of an age that once preferred pen and paper! They made their explanations simple, and they worked with me so that I understood what I needed to do. My point is, you don’t have to be a business: they are happy to help individuals at any level of expertise. I will go nowhere else.

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